Un Vélo à la campagne

La Gare 03330 Louroux-de-Bouble
Un Vélo à la campagne
La Gare 03330 Louroux-de-Bouble
Road and mountain bikes' (classic or electric) rental:
- Simple rental: bikes and accessories to ride as you like. Baby seats (adapted to VAE), classic children's mountain bikes (from 6 years old on), electric teenagers' bikes (from 13 years old on).
- Discovery tours with an electric bike: ride in Charroux, Colettes forest, Sioule Gorge, discovery of the viaducts.
* Biking route: map of the selected route provided with the interesting points and explications of the peculiarities not to miss.
* Roupe + GPS: recommended for mountain bike rides. The route is recorded on the GPS fixed on handlebars and completes the map, avoiding to get lost at the crossroads.
* Route + restaurant: the service provider books for you the restaurant for lunch.
Offers of discovery tours for half a day or a whole day, for all levels.
Organisation of biking paper chase and thematic guided rides for groups.

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