Meyras : village of character

1 Place du Champ de Mars 07380 Meyras
Meyras - La Grand Rue-2 ©S.BUGNON
1 Place du Champ de Mars 07380 Meyras
Marked by the presence of Celts that gave it the religion of healing plants like sage, vervain and lemon balm, Meyras has above all a roman past. Furthermore its name comes from the Latin "Mayor Area" (big camp). A village street (the rue Domitius) is still a witness of the Romans' visit. At the time of the Gaul war, the legion of Consul Domitius stayed there before attacking Vercingétorix's troops. It was during their stop that the Roman soldiers discovered the benefits of the thermal waters at the foot of the Souilhol volcano. (nowdays, spa treatments in rheumatology and dermatology).
The thermal bath's curing properties were also a success in the Middle Ages, the second important period of which Meyras bears the signs. For a long time, the Meyras administrative jurisdiction (former administrative division) had an important role thanks to its situation as thoroughfare between the Massif Central and the Mediterranean. From this medieval past, the names of two families have survived: the Lévis-Ventadour and the Langlade. So the gate of the former Croisette chateau is marked by the name of Langlade, a big Protestant family, while the church enjoyed generous donations from the Ventadour's.
Finally, Meyras pays a tribute to the trades and customs that have contributed to village life. The illustration of larger-than-life scenes has been realised in this sense. So, by meandering down a street or proudly sitting imposingly at the entrance of a square, you will be able to see the people who peel chestnuts or grower-distillers (cf. frescoes).

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