La Muette

13 15 rue Des Suisses 13280 Arles
13 15 rue Des Suisses 13280 Arles
My building :
I am a very old building. My walls are full of history, some of them date from the 12th century, others are made of stone from the Augustan wall. My labyrinthine appearance is the result of the destruction and reconstruction of my walls over time. I house many surprises: a majestic spiral staircase from the 16th century, bathrooms made of travertine, Roman cellars... so many wonders that I would be delighted to show you.
I am a clever mix of ancient and modern: industrial materials rub shoulders with the typical building stones of the south of France.
Every year, I am delighted to welcome under my roof visitors from the 4 corners of the world travelling on foot, by car, by motorbike, by bicycle and even by tandem.
My owners :
For 70 years my former owners have taken good care of me. By equipping me with modern and comfortable furniture, they have worked continuously for my embellishment. They have always carried out the necessary renovations to keep me up to date.
Recently, a new family has taken me in hand: a family from the countryside who have come to invest in the city. They are young people, the last one is even a few months old, full of motivation and ideas. They want to make me bigger and continue to make me prosper. They want to make me a place of peace and happiness.
They have already brought me a bit of freshness by planting the terrace: now butterflies, bees and dragonflies have joined us.
My neighbourhood:
I'm in a neighbourhood in the old centre. It is rich in designer shops, but also in restaurants. My neighbour DOU BOCHI dresses the most beautiful ladies in elegant Camargue-style clothes. The ceramics room will make you participate in pottery workshops. A neighbourhood in my town, the shopkeepers' association organises Friday night events.
My state of mind:
I am beginning to develop a respectful approach to people and the environment and therefore welcome you with the will to put forward an eco responsible and ethical tourism.
My breakfasts are composed of homemade jam, homemade cakes and fresh fruit from local producers.
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Dit etablissement is Accueil Vélo en biedt specifieke diensten voor fietsers.

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