Musée des Arts du Cognac

Place de la Salle Verte 16100 Cognac
Entrée Les Distillateurs Culturels Musée des Arts du Cognac
Place de la Salle Verte 16100 Cognac
In a setting that combines old stones and contemporary architecture, on the site of the Hôtel Perrin de Boussac, whose façade is listed as a Historic Monument, the oldest trading house, the Maison Augier, the Lusignan Tower and part of the 14th century rampart, the MACO covers 2000m2 of exhibition space. It thus promotes the Pays de Cognac and its heritage while presenting the great human, industrial and commercial adventure of Cognac. - The world of heritage: an evocation of the historical wealth of the Cognac region through different scenographies: models of the region and the Royal Château of Cognac in the 16th century, the film "La Charente au fil de l'eau" and dioramas presenting Romanesque art, the porches of the Charente, the river and the fauna and flora. An essential starting point for any discovery of the area! - The technological world of Cognac: after a quick introduction on the evolution of the bottles through the ages, the first part focuses on the world of the vine: the seasons, the grape varieties, the terroirs, the grape harvest, all of which is enhanced by ancient tools. A change of register with the delicate art of distillation, where alchemy takes precedence over climatic considerations, before evoking the professions that revolve or have revolved around Cognac. Finally, an interesting retrospective on the packaging of major brands and collections of old posters. All in all, an excellent introduction to the visit of the cellars and distilleries. - Virtual Reality Experiences: Equipped in July 2020 with six virtual reality experiences, these tours evoke with modernity what the area was like at various times. Dinosaurs, the Neolithic, Romanesque, Renaissance, the barges that sailed the Charente at full speed and the making of the famous nectar of the gods are the six themes virtually presented. A state-of-the-art technicality in which the past is combined with the present and in constant dialogue with the future. At the Musée des Arts du Cognac (MACO), plunge into : Romanesque art (1150): Time travellers arrive at a crucial and delicate moment in the construction of a Romanesque church. The master masons complete the dome... The Renaissance (1526): Time travellers witness an event at the heart of French history. We are in 1526. François 1st has just arrived in his royal castle, he has just returned from the kingdom of Spain where he was held prisoner... The time of the gabares (1900) : The phylloxera crisis hit the Cognac region hard but solutions are beginning to be put in place. The traveller discovers the world of the gabariers, who transported many goods on the river on board their gabare. The secret of cognac (1930) : 1930 : travellers are immersed in the secrets of cognac making alongside a cellar master in the middle of blending work .

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